Founded in the spring of 1972, TAP Telion-Air-Pac was one of the first manufacturers of bubblewrap shipping bags. With increasing market successes the operating capacity was continuously expanded. The territory in Braunschweig consists of two areas for manufacturing and warehousing on approximately 28,000 m2, of which 10,000 m2 builded environment.

In 1991, the company TAP developed automated productionlines for bubblebags and mailers. This high degree of automation is unique in the industry.

Through further innovation in the productarea of shippingbags, TAP became in 1992 the first manufacturer in the world able to produce LP shippingbags without a medium (PE coating, adhesive, etc.) inbetween paper and the bubble wrap. The recycling requirements of the Packaging Ordinance was done justice, by making possible an easy separation of the materials foil and paper by a simple handgesture.

In Braunschweig, March 1994, a new productionplant for bubblewrap was put into operation. Other systems for bubble wrap where added since then.

Fagerdala took over TAP in 1998 and sold the company in July 2006 to ProtecPac from Canada. Since that time TAP belongs to ProtecPac-company, Canada. In the first quarter of 2009 ProtecPac merges with the Ivex Protective Packaging Inc. company.

In 2011 TAP invested in a new, high-end innovative technology for the production of co-extruded bubblewrap.

2013 TAP starts to produce bubble wrap full automaticly. In the wake of estern enlargement TAP founded in 2014

In 2016 Airpack S.p.A. (Italy) took over TAP.