Federal Association "Verschnürungs- und Verpackungsmittel e. V." The association for exchanging Information und Ideas in the packaging industry.

Past and Present

Originally founded as a "professional association for the wholesale of hemp-products" in 1949, the BVV has developed into an interest group for all products in the field of transport packaging. Today the "Bundesverband Verschnürungs- and Verpackungsmittel" consists of about 60 members in Germany and Europe, including producers, importers and wholesalers. In workshops and general meetings, which take place alternately every six months, both industry-specific, as well as general, interesting economic issues are discussed.

The BVV sees itself as an information and communication forum, and through membership of the association of "Wholesale and foreign trade" as the voice of the packaging industry.


Werkstraße 18 - 20 • 71384 Weinstadt
Telefon. 07151 969 12-0
Telefax. 07151 600 071
E-Mail: info@bv-verpackung.de
Internet: www.bv-verpackung.de