Whether on rolls or flat bags: 

Our TAP - Bubblewrap is ideal for packaging and shipping of all products and goods. 

Bubble wrap is lightweight, shock-absorbing, tear-resistant and flexible. So we guarantee full protection and security for all sensitive items. Useful data sheets and brochures in our download area.






Our bubblewrap is available in many sizes and designs

TAP-Luftpolsterfolien Größen und Ausführungen.

Design alternatives: 

  • TAP – Bubblewrap, paper laminated
  • TAP – Bubblewrap, laminated with PET
  • TAP – Bubblewrap, laminated with fleece
  • TAP – Bubblewrap, OPP laminated
  • TAP – Bubblewrap, self-adhesive
  • TAP – Bubblewrap, foam laminated
  • TAP – Bubblewrap, doublesided HDPE – laminated



  •  TAP – Bubble wrap is lightweight, abrasion-free and odorless 

     TAP - Air bubble film protects against moisture from the outside 
     TAP - Bubble wrap provides secure protection from bumps 
     TAP - Bubble wrap offers good insulation properties

Available as: 

  •  TAP - Air Cushion / Bubblewrap on Rolls (see product range*)
  •  TAP – Bubblewrap - Sheets, available in different lengths and widths
  •  TAP – Bubblewrap - Flat bags and mailers
  •  TAP – Bubblewrap - Hoses are available in various sizes and designs 
    • Bubbles inwards or outwards
    • two or three-layer bubblewrap
    • with and without self-adhesive closure

 Other products in this range:


TAP - Bubblewrap Greenhouse foil, UV-stabilized, anti-static

TAP – Bubblewrap, highly transparent (!) ánd flame resistant film

TAP – Bubblewrap - Short rolls: 0.40 x 5m, packed in a polybag (also with individual insert possible), other widths and lengths available on request


* Product range for TAP – bubblewrap– on rolls



Ø = 10 mm und 30 mm, h = 4 mm und 10 mm


30–300 μ


10–250 cm

Length on Roll

50–500 m



TAP – Bubblewrapfoil is made of pure Polyethylene and is 100% recyclable. 

Therefore an environmentally friendly choise.